Water For Readers

An Online Collection of Book and Comic Book Reviews by Cee-Jay Aurinko

Many moons ago, an extraordinary woman took her firstborn son to a magical place that could turn ordinary people into cool things like wizards, brave warriors, kings, and even superheroes. This place was called the Library, and the boy was never the same again. In the days to come, he would go on many adventures, encounter scary monsters, and be there as brave men and women overcame extraordinary odds to defeat great evils. The boy would never be just a boy again. He would become a reader.

I have a strong love for books, and I mean all kinds of books. I read whatever I can read, whenever I can read, despite how much time it takes out of my day and how reading a lot has resulted in me having what some would call an unhealthy social life. But whatever, I love reading and I’ll never stop. It’s my addiction. I’m a book addict and I’d print those two words on a plane t-shirt and walk around as if I had an “s” on my chest if this wasn’t the real world.

Some people out there believe that there aren’t as many readers as there used to be. I find myself wondering why this is the case. Why are people in this day and age less inclined to open up a book then they were half a century ago? You know, I can become all wise Mr. Yoda right now and tell you exactly why, but in the end, I think that every reader that is still out there or is yet to be born will feel that they know the answer to this question. It’s just the way we are as readers. We know stuff, you know.

So, I guess this is what it has all came down to. This online campaign of mine called Water For Readers. I’ve created a blog to promote as many of these magical items as I can by writing and publishing reviews of each book that I believe is worth a reader’s time.. As a reader, you probably need books like you need water. If you love reading as much as I do, I can tell you that you’ve come to right place. No matter the genre, if it’s good, you’ll find it here. If it’s not, well, you won’t.